Innotek Invisible Fence – Replacing Traditional Fences in Very Affordable Way

The Innotek invisible fence is invisible dog fence system which can help you keep your pets contained in your yard with the help of radio wave and a special collar. With this system of fencing, you do not have to partition your property with metal or wooden fences. Anyone can install an invisible fence from Innoteck, which is also cheaper than installing traditional kinds of fences. This invisible fence works through a charged underground electric dog fence wire, which sends signals to the collar worn by your dog. It is necessary to train your dog in the right way, if you want this kind of fencing system to be successful.

Installing the invisible fence

You need to do some planning before installing the Innotek invisible fence in your property. It is worth every effort you put in, because, you will be able to leave your dog free without a lease and keep him safe too. The underground wire has to run in a loop, so you should plan the layout of fencing. You can loop it round your house or make a long loop to cover certain areas only. When installing the wire underground, care should be taken to avoid running it within 6 feet of TV cables, telephone wires or electrical wires. Under ground dog fence reviews can be found here.

The transmitter of the Innotek invisible wireless fence should placed near an electrical outlet which has 220 volt. The transmitter should be placed indoors because it is not waterproof and may get damaged by moisture or rain. After you have finished underground wiring, you can plug in the transmitter and switch it on. The green light which comes on is an indication that the loop you have made is successful. The dog collar should be charged before making your dog wear it. This can be done by putting it on the receiver support which is on top of the transmitter.

Product kit with white flags

Training your dog

Training your dog is very essential if you want it to understand the signals emitted by the transmitter of the Innotek invisible fence. The flags provided by this system are to help train them by placing them all along the invisible fence. This helps your dog achieve visual understanding in regards to boundaries set in areas. This system includes transmitter, wires, flags, collar, charger and a training video. Before putting the collar on your dog, you should take it out into your yard and find the place where the warning light on the collar lights up and it starts beeping. Insert the flags in all the places where the beeping sound comes.

Your dog will be fully trained two weeks of regular training and you can remove the flags after testing him for two days, thereafter. With Innotek invisible fence, your pet dog will be protected at all times and he or she will not be able to run off anywhere. You can choose from among four models of invisible fencing system from Innotek with two kinds of collars. You can additionally buy more than one collar if you have more dogs. This is the best way that pet owners can peacefully let their dogs out in their yard without supervision.