A Helpful Guide on Meeting a Dog for the First Time

You have decided to bring a new pup to your home! This is a phase of nervousness and excitement at the same time. It can also be a daunting experience since you don’t know the basic rules of keeping pups. When you prepare to bring a pet home, make them feel comfortable.

If you even see a pet moving nearby, it’s hard to resist and not cuddle them! But not all dogs interact in the same way. It would help if you were cautious whenever you meet a new dog. Provide them with a sense of friendliness and comfort, and they will come near you.

Things To Do When Meeting a Dog for the First Time

Keep Both Your Hands on the Sides

It would help if you took things as calmly and slowly as possible. This will help the dog to know you better. Each dog is unique so pay special attention to what they are trying to say. Some people are very good with dogs. Also, listen to what the owner has to say!

For instance, some dogs might extend their hands for a handshake, while others might be nervous. Keep both your hands to the sides. Make the dog comfortable first and then scratch them hard or keep your hands on their chin. Don’t go patting their head in the very first meeting.

Provide the Owner and Dog Space

You should respect the privacy of the owner and the dogs. Before you approach any unfamiliar dog, see that the owner is okay with it. Don’t invade the personal space of the dog or the owner. If the owner has provided permission, you can approach the dog. If the dog is wagging his tail, he invites you to pet him.

Most owners would love to keep their dogs inside an electric dog fence Maine while meeting a new person. However, these fences will not allow the dogs to come outside. Further, if you want to squat the dog, come to his level first. Make eye contact with the dog, and then go ahead.

Don’t Do Any Bad Behavior with the Dog

If you are meeting a dog for the first time, the chances are that he will jump on you. Just relax and take a step back. But don’t try to do any wrong to the dog. Also, don’t say anything wrong to the dog’s owner. Don’t promote any bad behavior towards the dog or the owners.

Many pet parents train their dogs. But being friendly creatures, they tend to get excited when they meet new people. So owners should teach pets how to behave near strangers too.

Try to Listen to the Body Language of the Dog

Dogs even have different moods and personalities. Sometimes even a dog wants to be left alone. They don’t like to be surrounded by people. Always try to listen to what the dog is trying to say. They will express it through various body language. Don’t go and hug the dog affectionately at any point.

Some positive signs like a loose body or even relaxed ears. This proves that the dog is trying to attract you to him. If there is any stiffness in the dogs, don’t approach suddenly. If dogs are provoked, they can even bite. Ask the owner if you can give treats to the dog or not.

Take Your Time With the Dogs

Don’t just hurry and meet a dog. Take your time and let the dog come to you. Some dogs might not be interested in meeting you. Stay near confident dogs since they can smell when you are tense. Don’t let the dogs get protective since these can also lead to specific bad outcomes.


Dog parents love their pets a lot. So, try to treat them the same way when you meet. Please provide them with the friendliness they are looking for.

Photo by Marketa Wranova on Unsplash.